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Here at Grafton Baptist Church, our mission is to go and reach all people and to personally care for them by leading them into healthy growing relationships with God and others.
Our desire is to reach those not attending church anywhere and to welcome them into our church family.

We want to help the hurting to heal, the lonely to find friendship, and those who do not know the love of Jesus to meet Him in an intimate and personal way.
We celebrate with Praise & Worship
at 10:45am every Sunday
in the Community Life Center.

Big House
Sunday mornings at 11:00am
Worship for Kids (Age 4 to Grade 5)
Kids begin worship with their parents in the CLC,
then proceed to Big House with
Miss Tara & Mr. Bob prior to the sermon.


Our Weekly Schedule

Sundays at GBC
Bible Study for all ages at 9:30am
Children's Sunday School at 9:30am
Praise & Worship at 10:45am
Big House for Kids at 11:00am
Life Group with the Redikers at 5:30pm
Ladies Bible Study at 5:45pm
Youth Bible Study at 5:30pm
College & Career at 6:30pm
Mondays at GBC
NA Group at 7:00pm in the Multipurpose Room

Wednesdays at GBC
Life Group - The Family Project at 6:30pm

Thursdays in Homes
Life Group - The Price Group at 6:30pm
(Contact Pastor David for this week's location.)

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Marina, Dmitryi, Nikita, Daniel, Anastasia, Tolya, Sveta, Anna, Tolya, Sveta, Anna, Vitoria, Ekaterina, Vasilyi, Tatyana, Alexander, Anton. 

These are not just names on a page. They are children who need to see and experience the love of Christ.  These are children who by God’s grace and mercy will have a few of us visit this summer and feel the hug of someone who cares, hear the words “we love you”, “we have hope for you.” 

For me personally, going to Kostroma, Russia is more than just some mission trip.  It is going to see my family. It is a chance for me to take others, to be used by God and to minister into the lives of people who don’t get the same freedom we have back in Yorktown, VA. 

Right now we need a few more loving folks to come with us to love on these amazing kids! If you have never gone on a mission trip or you have a certain tugging at your heart to go and love some kids who truly need your love this is a good trip to go on.  Russia is not a Third World country so you will not experience the harsh living condition of such a nation.  However, many children in this vast and complex country are “social orphans.” While some have lost parents to death, many have been orphaned because of alcohol abuse, economic, or other social factors. In many areas of Russian society, the word “orphan” is often synonymous with “worthless.”

The orphan story doesn’t end at the orphanage. The second crisis begins the day they “graduate” from the orphanage —on this day, their chances for survival are cut in half. Life in an institution has left them completely unprepared to manage simple tasks of life – or make good choices about relationships, who to trust, or how to spend their time and work towards bettering themselves for the workforce. No guidance and no accountability mean no compass or direction in life. Orphaned girls are especially vulnerable to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Again, an encouraging card is great! Giving financially to support a wonderful ministry that helps orphans is awesome! But more than that, these kids want someone to look them in the eyes, put arm around them and say “You are loved… You are loved immensely!” 

The trip is June 13-23 and the average cost is around $1,500.00 and covers all land fees, food and lodging while in Russia. You will need to purchase an airline ticket which varies in price depending on the market. But we have seen over the years, folks have airline tickets donated through miles so you might want to ask around.  I can also teach you how raise the needed funds and we will do fundraisers once we have our team in place. 

You can reach me at or call me at 757-593-8436.

In Grip of His Grace,
Pastor David


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